Laziman Aluminium Window and Patio Roller Shutter

Looking for an alternative to burglar guards? Look no further!

Timbercon’s Laziman Aluminium Roller Shutter doors are the perfect solution for attractive security.

Our Laziman Roller Shutters offer you privacy during both day and night. You control the extent by simply adjusting the shutter to suit your needs. When fully open, the shutter curtain is completely out of sight, leaving unrestricted views through your window. They are available in a variety of designs, from solid slats to more open designs allowing in light and air. Our shutters are powder coated in a matt finish which enhances the product’s resistance to corrosion, are available in White, Black, Beige, and Bronze. Special colours are available on request.

Laziman Roller Shutters can be operated with an internal tubular motor, or alternatively with a manual crank system. The automation system is available with a Meissner battery backup. They are operated from inside your home to further enhance the security and convenience aspect. Roller Shutters present an immediate visible deterrent, protecting your home against burglary and vandalism - the perfect option for South African home owners.

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